Elina Organics 

“Elina Organics combines the latest science with traditional holistic principles to produce corrective organic skin care products. Owned and operated by a cosmetic chemist and formulator who manufactures all of her skin care products by hand, Elina Fedotova is also an aesthetician and herbalist who adjust her products seasonally to prevent immunity to the same ingredient combinations. This approach requires Elina to create fresh products in small batches on a weekly basis and gives her the flexibility to adjust ingredients. Licensed skin care professionals who use Elina Organics products are trained to tailor them to meet the needs of each client’s unique complexion. Chicago magazine recently awarded “Best Facial 2012” to Elina Organics Advanced Skin Care Spa on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Elina and her skin care line have also been featured on NBC 5, WGN TV, FOX Chicago and West Michigan television stations. She contributes regularly to DERMASCOPE Magazine.”


Elina’s products and services generate rave reviews!

• “Best Facial of Chicago” – Chicago Magazine, August 2012
• “Best Facial of Chicago” – Chicago Skinny Black Book 2012 — ViTALJUICE.com
• “Chicago’s Best Facial” – Chicago Travel Guide

“What a fantastic facial and such lovely products!
You are so good at what you do and always make me feel more beautiful.”
– Bahar Takhtehchian, Health Editor, SHAPE Magazine

“I can’t thank Elina enough for the beautiful results her products have made on my complexion. Elina is a rare gem in the skin care world.”
– Terri MacLeod, Producer, ACCESSHOLLYWOOD

“I’ve only been using them (Elina Organics Products) …for a few weeks now, but have seen the BIGGEST difference in my skin. I get complimented on it several times a day!”
– Val Lego, Host, HEALTHY YOU, WZZM-TV

“Because my clients see corrective results after their first facial they are very happy,” says Elina. “They keep looking better and better and return over and over again!”

• Elina Organics facials are never the same and are designed to achieve maximum results. Her one-of-a-kind, handmade products are adjustedon site to meet the precise needs of her clients.
• Each of her services — which she designed herself — spare no detail and deliver stellar results. They range from her Crushed Amber and Gemstone Rejuvenating face and body treatments to the Classic Corrective Herbal Facial.
• Elina provides extensive and ongoing training and education for professionals who work with her products and protocols.

Elina is a recognized holistic skin care educator and formulator!

She’s the president and founder of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners and her products and expertise have been featured on Chicago’s NBC 5, FOX-TV and WGN-TV. Elina also makes regular appearances on West Michigan TV stations with her “Elina Skin Cuisine” segments and contributes regularly to skin care trade magazines like Skin Inc., Day Spa, DERMASCOPE, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques and American Spa.

Elina Organics Offers Skin Care for Every Season!

• Elina “seasonalizes,” her skin care line. She adjusts her formulations as the weather changes to prevent the skin from becoming immune to a particular formula. Her products also become more emollient in the winter and lighter in the summer to help the skin adapt to climate changes.
• The organic whole plant ingredients Elina uses in her lotions and creams are liposome encapsulated for with deep delivery with additional bioenergetic effects. The result? Clients see immediate improvements in their skin; with consistent use they see corrective results. This makes them happy and brings them back to her skin care clinic over and over again.
• State of the art genomic testing backs up the anti-aging effects of her top selling product, Ambra-Lift Skin Elixir.

For orders within the United States or if you have any questions at all please call us at 877.384.8300 or email elina@elinaorganics.com